Q: What are the shirts made of?
A: The shirts are high-quality 100% ring-spun cotton with a fashion-fit cut. They feel good and look sharp.

Q: What size should I buy?
A: Here are the measurements for our products (in inches). For a classic T-shirt fit, buy one size up. For a loose fit, buy two sizes up.

Men's Shirts:

S - 18
M - 20
L - 22
XL - 24
2XL - 26
3XL - 28

S - 27
M - 28
L - 29
XL - 30
2XL - 31
3XL - 32

Women's Shirts:

S - 16.5
M - 17.5
L - 18.5
XL - 19.5
2XL - 20.5
3XL - 21

S - 23
M - 24
L - 25
XL - 26
2XL - 27
3XL - 27

Sweatshirts (unisex):

S - 20
M - 22
L - 24
XL - 26
2XL - 28
3XL - 30

S - 26
M - 27
L - 28
XL - 29
2XL - 30
3XL - 31

Q: I am an usual size that you don't offer! What do I do?
A: Order as usual, then let us know you need a custom size and we'll take care of you. Note there may be a modest surcharge for some custom sizes.

Q: Do you ship to Luxembourg, Zimbabwe, Japan, Brazil...?
A: We ship anywhere in the world.

Q: Why Atheist clothes?
A: Because religion is stupid, offensive and actively erodes man's quality of life.

Q: But what does wearing a t-shirt do?
A: To name a few things...First, you speak with your money, and money runs the world. If we can show that there's a viable atheist market, instantly politicians will work for the atheist vote (affecting policies), media won't be so obscenely biased against atheists (affecting mindsets), more products will be created to suit atheists (affecting industry), and so on. That's powerful. Also, proving atheists are out there and en masse (literally by show of shirts!), you'll make it easier and more acceptable to be an atheist. Lastly, if ever there were a product made just for one group of people, then it should be for the rational, free-thinking crowd.